This web-site contains a variety of topics that are dear to my heart and I hope you will like them too.


Find some insight in the purpose of our existence: Why are we here?- and- What is the sense of it all?

Do not feel lost, wandering aimlessly through the endless universe - you need a dependable compass

to give you direction - a external framework - a user's manual written by the Designer of everything!

On this page you'll find Bible-study resources, Church related sites, Christian Creeds and Confessions,

a collection of references to Reformed web-sites that feature subjects pertaining to the Christian faith.


You can also do some sightseeing in cyberspace - cyberseeing: A few mouseclicks and you are there.

Travel around the globe comfortably seated in your own chair ( my favourite destination is Canada! );

wander to the remote corners of our precious planet; stand in awe for this masterpiece of our Creator!

But please beware: It might make you restless and itching to go there yourself. I personally can't wait.


Please feel free to navigate around the site and see if there is anything that may kindle your curiosity.

Search archives, books and other treasure-chambers that mankind has wrought in the course of time.

You never know: You might discover some hidden treasures in those links referred to on these pages.

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Last update: 2015-05-31